Sunday, December 08, 2019

Featured Services


Backup Generators

Power outages can cause major problems for homes and businesses. A backup generator can be set up to kick on the moment an outage occurs so that important electrical devices stay on. This prevents data loss and damage due to power interruption Backup generators can be configured to power your entire home or building, or only important devices that need to stay on during an outage. Only a generator specialist can help you find the right generator for your specific needs; there are a wide variety of brands, types, features etc.


Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

More and more electrical devices are being plugged in every day, and in many buildings the electrical demands increase over time without upgrading the capacity of the electrical panel. There are fuses in place to prevent overloading one particular set of outlets, but many older breakers allow more power through than they should. Overloading your electrical panel can lead to fires.


Security Systems

Security systems and monitoring service for residential and commercial buildings is available from our partners at Baxter Kenworthy. Baxter Kenworthy installs alarm systems, security cameras, motion detectors, and many other services to help protect your home or business. Even if you already have an alarm system installed, Berley may be able to save you money by switching to their central monitoring station that offers protection 24/7/365. Please call Baxter kenworthy for more information about security system installations.


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